Office Network Planning

We have helped numerous customers design and implement cost-effective and reliable networks for their office environments. A typical office network enables employees to work together on tasks from their office computers, and usually has a central server that handles file/print sharing and application hosting.

Our consultants are experts at setting up any office environment, from one-person home offices, to companies with 100+ employees, using any combination of open-source and/or commercial software packages. We gather business requirements from customers and determine the level of complexity of the office network design. Keeping business growth in mind, we provide modular and integrated network solutions that customers could build upon the initial design and add features they require later, thus maximizing efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing business productivity.

We provide the following planning services:

  • Office data/voice cabling, wired/wireless infrastructure
  • Hosted PBX or standalone analog/IP phone system implmenetation
  • Security camera system selection and installation
  • Office e-mail/calendar server setup
  • File and print server setup
  • Remote access and virtual private network (VPN) setup
  • Data backup solutions
  • Web and intranet server setup
  • Virtualization and cloud services

We provide on-site support and maintenance programs that can be tailored to customers’ unique requirements. Our managed services programs free you from the IT headaches so you could focus on building your business.