Hardware/Software Sales and Support

We have helped clients designing and building cost-effective and reliable desktops and laptops for their office environments. Despite the popularity of laptops and even tablets for business use, many of our clients still preferred traditional desktops over the mobile counterparts for performance and security reasons.

Our consultants are experts at determining which products are right for any office environment, from one-person home offices, to companies with 100+ employees. We gather business requirements from customers and determine the most suitable hardware specifications. Keeping business growth in mind, we provide future-proof hardware systems which makes upgrading easy.

Depending on client requirements we would recommend any combination of open-source and/or commercial software packages. The last few years we saw the emergence of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and web-based business tools, many of which are free or at very low operating costs, providing great lexibility and features over traditional desktop-based or client/sever software products. Should no software or solutions exist we do offer custom business software development.

With the right combination of desktop/mobile hardware and functional software you will be equipped with the tools to solve your business problems. We provide on-site support and maintenance programs that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Our managed services programs free you from the IT headaches so you could focus on building your business.